What Can You Do With Your Blog?

In the online world, blogs are the new black. More people have one, more people are reading them. They are, everywhere

If you don’t have a blog yet, here are some stories of bloggers who could inspire you to diarize online.

John Chow is one of the most successful bloggers not only from Vancouver, or Canada, but online. His How To Make Money Online Blog does just that, approaching $20 000 a month in revenue.

“It’s easier today to make money online than back when I started,” says John. “There are way more advertising and affiliate programs to join now than there was just a year ago.”

But your blog doesn’t necessarily have to make money. Meg Fowler just writes about life, just because.

“As a writer,” says Meg, “it’s become an invaluable source of discipline, as well as inspiration and instant feedback. And I love the sense of community I feel with my readers, and other writers.”

While John targets his content to gain advertisers and readers, Meg monetizes her blog in a different way, “My blog connects me with freelancing opportunities, so earning is more of a side benefit.”

If you think you’re too old to learn this new trick, have a read of Don To Earth. Don Crowdis is a 93 year old blogger from Toronto who writes on life, the universe and aging.

Now that you’re inspired to get into it, here are 3 tips from John Chow, “1) Update your blog often. 2) Monetize your blog with multiple revenue sources. 3) Read JohnChow.com

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