What Happens in Vegas …

This week, the law of Las Vegas will change.

Normally, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. This week, though, what happens in Las Vegas is being broadcast to the world.

The Consumer Electronics Show
is in town, making Las Vegas the center of the technology world. Pretty much every major gadget or technology we will see this year, is being announced this week.

Sean Carruthers, of LabRats.tv, is working the floor of the show and says, “a lot of companies are spending more time thinking about their impact on the environment, and not just the companies located in the Sustainable Technology area of the show.”

rovioAn early show fave is the Rovio robot from WowWee. It’s a remote controlled Wifi enabled watchdog.

You can access the robot from the web, and control it from a remote location seeing, and hearing, everything that’s happening in your house. Unlike static security cameras, you can wheel this model from room to room and pivot the perspective to make sure everything’s okay.

Panasonic is also making headlines with the announcement of a 150 inch plasma tv. The image is so clear it may be difficult to tell the difference between a real person and one on the screen unless you were standing right there talking to them.

Don’t start regretting your Boxing Day big screen bargain just yet, the screens won’t be ready until 2009, and even then they’ll most likely be out of your budget. The current 103 inch plasma from Pansonic sells for $70 000.

The show also featured the final keynote from Bill Gates, as he retires from Microsoft later this year. Gates went out in style, dueling Slash in a game of Guitar Hero 3.

Things aren’t slowing down any, as Carruthers admits, “the show is as overwhelming as always.”

Next week the geek caravan moves to San Francisco for MacWorld. Last year, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone, this year??

catch the buzz … pass it on.



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