Whatcha Doin?

I don’t know about you, but the first question out of my mouth when I call someone is “whatcha doin?”

A new web app answers that question, 24/7.

Twitter is a tasty little tidbit that lets you blog, in real time, what you’re doing as you’re doing it. Standing in line at a movie? Checking your email? Making Borscht? You can use twitter to post a message to the web to tell your friends what you’re up to.

Your friends, in turn, can check your twitter via rss, or by logging into the site.

It’s like a feed for Facebook status updates.

Honestly, for those who lead busy lives, it seems like a crazy time consuming task to add to your ritual, but it has become strangely addictive to the tech set who feel the need to blog each and every minute detail of their life.

Twitter has even been hailed the launch of a new trend, microblogging. In an ADD world, all we need is a few quick sentences to get the message across.

catch the buzz … pass it on.



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