Who Let the Dogs Out?

The BahaMen may want to know Who Let the Dogs Out, but if they hd GPS tracking for their pets, they wouldn’t need to wonder.

is a device you can attack to your dog in a comfy pouch around their neck. You then go online and set up a safety zone.

If the device goes outside of the zone you’ll receive a text message saying that you’ve got some action! Get online and access a map that’ll give you the devices’ location within a 30 foot radius!

The Zoombak also is handy to gps tag your car, just toss it in the glovebox.

The TopTag Pet ID is alternative to implanting microchips under your dog’s skin. It’s a simple USB key that hangs around their neck.

You simply insert the tag into any USB port and register your pet’s vital information as well as small details in case your pet is lost for an extended period of time.

You don’t have to add all the details, but the questions and additional information might help the one that finds your pet better care for it.

It comes in a tightly connected waterproof case that is light and easily attached to your pet’s collar or cage. You can also print all the information that you enter so that you can refer back to it during update periods or after a move and decide what needs to be changed.

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