Why You Need To Stop Using Google

Although Google has approximately sixty-five percent of the market share of search engines, there are excellent reasons to consider switching. The primary concern about Google is that it harvests and stores a great deal of data about every user. There is no oversite in how Google uses the data it collects or how it is protected. There is no question that Google invades the privacy of its users and then uses that data for material gain.

Google is also not upfront about the various ways it collects data about users. We know they do, we know they sell it, but we do not know how extensive each users’ profile might be. Google keeps this information tightly controlled. Users are concerned that with no regulatory oversight, Google could use the information for a profit well beyond targeted advertising.

Other good reasons to stop using Google:

1. DuckDuckGo offers features that are not available on Google and does not track or store any user data. You get unbiased results not based on your previous history.

2. Google has a proven history of privacy violations. Do you really trust them to keep your most private data safe?

3. Content-specific search engines like Hot.com offer results based on just the type of content you want to search. Google is going to search across its millions of pages to return it’s best results. Content-specific sites are going to gear every result to one type of content. Hot.com only covers risqué material from across the web. Every search you do will return adult-themed content.

4. There are plenty of search engines that are just as good as Google, and they take both your safety and your privacy seriously. Hotbot runs a privacy blog about all the ways to keep data private on the internet. Hotbot also offers a safe search, which allows you to choose between off, moderate and strict controls. Safe search is important when letting kids have screen time, but still gives them the freedom to search for different types of content.

5. Google gives you the option to opt-out of some of their data collection, but doing so is tedious. It also adds frustration as it severely reduces functionality. So, why should you have to spend half a day trying to understand their privacy policy and turning off their ability to collect as much data as possible? In the end, you will be left with a service that still collects more data than other search engines, at reduced functionality.

6. Monopolies on anything are unhealthy, and Google definitely has a monopoly.

7. No longer using Google is also taking a stand against big-data. The hope is that when enough people leave Google, other offending companies will also pay attention.

8. You will free yourself from intrusive algorithms that determine what you read, interact with, and watch. You gain back the control to make those decisions for yourself.

9. Targeting advertising feeds into our consumerism and leads to poor money management.

10. Leaving Google will reduce impulse buying on the internet.



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