The Simple Tip To Better Manage Your iPhone Home Screen Icons

Easy To Way To Better Manage Your iPhone Home Screen Icons

iphone home screen icons

[twitter]Windows Phones are beautiful. Never mind the fact that Microsoft can’t get people to use them no matter how hard they beg, they are elegant devices.

At the 2011 CES Keynote, Steve Ballmer was on stage practically on his knees asking people to pick up his phone and just try it. So I wandered the petting zoo that is CES and I picked one up.

That review still stands true, especially after a weekend that has seen 9 million new iPhones fly out the shelves while Microsoft struggles to catch up 2 years later.

Despite “not being an iPhone,” the Windows Phone displayed a beautiful interface, and Apple has recognized they needed some improvement. The new iOS 7 is sleek, modern, and elegant. Check out those thin fonts Microsoft showed off back in ’11 – look familiar?

While Notification Center has done much to streamline what you need to know about your phone in one smooth swipe, and while the icons have been flattened, and the dark black folders removed, I still find that it takes too many clicks to get to where I need to go on my iPhone. I used to have my most popular categories on the home page, but found I was still only using a dozen of the apps despite having 40 or so on my front page.


Now I’ve streamlined things. Regardless of category, I put my most used apps right on the front page. Instead of a weather folder with 6 apps, I put the 2 I use the most. I pulled Facebook out of my Social Networking folder and put it on the front page, while apps I use infrequently, like Untappd and Foursquare stay a layer below. I may have 14 camera apps, but I only use 2 of them. Let’s get those standing alone on the front while the rest are a page below.

The new iOS 7 configuration lets you bury as many apps as you want in individual folders, and you can easily find things from a pull down search bar, but I want quick access to my top apps – like what Windows Phone offers with active tiles.

Want an easier way to get around your phone, put your big hits on the front page, and everything else down below. You’ll get things done quicker.



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