How to Win a Trip to the Strip This March

royal vegas

As you might have guessed by my extensive coverage of MyVegas, I’m a passionate slot machine player. This means lots of playing online, but also occasional trips to Las Vegas itself, the gaming mecca that all slots fans have to visit at least once before kicking the proverbial bucket. This is not always an option, though, as there can be things, like the thickness of your wallet, that stand in the way. But now there is an alternative to funding your own trip to the Strip, thanks to the Royal Vegas Australian Casino (which I covered earlier this year).

royal vegas

The Royal Vegas Casino is famous for its magnificent monthly promotions. Last year it had five bucket list experiences up for grabs, including seeing the northern lights or diving to the Titanic. This March its reward is more gaming-focused: a trip to Las Vegas itself. And it’s within reach for anyone.

This March the Royal Vegas Australian Casino has three double prize packages to Las Vegas up for grabs. And all you have to do for them is what you would normally do at Royal Vegas: play your favorite games. Playing any game for real will generate rewards points at a specific rate (details about this can be found at the operator’s website), and every 100 such points will turn into one entry to the Las Vegas prize draw. Besides, each time players fills up the Win a Trip to the Strip meter to 100%, they will be rewarded with one instant prize scratch card that will reveal an instant prize (well, wasn’t that obvious). There are three levels of scratch cards which players can reach: silver, gold and diamond. Each level comes with its own – increasing – tier of rewards, more luxurious and generous than the previous ones. And each one means one more entry to the Win a Trip to the Strip prize draw.

Visiting Las Vegas can be a pricey adventure, even if you don’t go there to play. Given the high afflux of tourists to the city, the prices for accommodation, food and entertainment can be rather high at times. But with the Win a Trip to the Strip special at least a part of your expenses are covered, offering you a more accessible – and possibly unforgettable – experience.

The Royal Vegas Casino has a history of offering amazing specials and prizes to its virtual patrons. Last year it has organizes the above mentioned “bucket list” special, but later it has put a brand new Porsche up for grabs, and during the summer it has run its traditional (and annual) “Fortune Lounge Cruise” promotion, with 50 double tickets for a week-long Caribbean cruise (for two) and other amazing prizes.



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