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julie in essouiraTelecommuting is the wave of the future, doing work from home to keep cars of the street and increase quality of life.

Some offices are virtual, with everyone doing work remotely and online video conferences handling group meetings.

Darren Barefoot
, of Capulet Communications is an online commuter. He currently lives on the coast of Morocco where he runs a social marketing company based in Vancouver. He organizes web marketing for companies across North America, all the while living in a riyad in Essouira, Morocco.

There are obstacles when you telecommute from foreign countries, like find good internet connections, and good office furniture.

Darren and his wife use Skype Out for phone calls and have a local voicemail box that is forwarded to them with speech to text via email.

Darren will be coming back to Canada this spring, for a few months, before settling on the next adventure in Bali, or Tokyo.

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  1. January 29, 2008

    Thanks for the write-up!

  2. […] cool. I profile Darren in today’s cyberbuzz. I’m working on a feature piece on his efforts for a magazine later this […]

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