World’s Cheapest Car

You’ve seen the SmartCars, those tiny, fit in your pocket vehicles imagined by Swatch and built by Mercedes.

They’re cute, their efficient, and – to be honest, they’re kind of expensive.

Well get ready for something similar, without the price tag. The Tata Nano was unveiled recently at the New Dehli Car Show. Tata is India’s largest manufacturer of automobiles, and they hope the Nano will take people off scooters and motorbikes and put them into cars. It sounds counterintuitive, but there’s a reason they’re called Nanos. They’re smart car tiny, and so is the price – just $2500.

The cars get 50 miles to a gallon and can top out at 80km/h. Okay, not enough oomph to hit the 401 cross country, but enough to get you to work, the grocery store and back.

Some point and laugh saying the engine is nothing more than a souped up lawnmower, but if it’s great for the environment and budget, where’s the harm, right?

For now the Tata Nano will only be available in India later this year, but the pricepoint and mileage targets are raising eyebrows of car people around the world.

Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa are targets for the next 4 years.

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