You Want iPhone 3GS, You Don’t Need One.

buzz bishop future shop tech blogA video camera, a camera that focuses, voice activated dialing and a compass.

On the surface, those are the only real hard and fast differences between iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, which was released today. However, perhaps the biggest separator between the two toys is a little more difficult to discern; how much will iPhone 3GS cost?

The comical rumour, innuendo, pricing structure and revised pricing structure rivals only the Canadian release of iPhone 3G last summer which also saw many data plan price fluctuations and changes as release day drew close.

The bottom line is this: if you already have a Canadian iPhone 3G it will cost you more than a few hundred dollars to upgrade to iPhone 3GS.

So is it worth it? I’d argue no.

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  1. […] The hot new iPhone 3GS hit store shelves last week, but the stampede to get the new toy was considerably more quiet than it was a year ago when Canadians first were exposed to iPhone greatness. The reason is simple – it’s damn expensive to upgrade. […]

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