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You had to know it was coming. Just as Hollywood honours its own with the Oscars, youtube has served up its best videos of the year.

The second annual YouTube awards honoured 12 videos that helped define our culture over the past 12 months.

And what a great commentary on our time they offer, from Chris Crocker‘s Britney rant to Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain.

As is the case on the web, the winners were picked by the users and will receive a few more ticks on their 15 minute clocks as a prize. Yes, notoriety is actually listed in the presser as a prize, along with a trophy that is a giant glass PLAY button, as you see in the center of all YouTube videos.

The nominees were viewed nearly a quarter-billion times and the site considered the “watercooler effect” when selecting this year’s finalists.

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