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TELUS christmas store robots

Sure, you know of TELUS stores as a great place to get information on your cell plan, maybe pay a bill, or talk to someone about getting an upgrade for your handset. But it’s also a great place to go .. shopping. Headphones, cases, and all sorts of gadgets and gear are .. at the TELUS Store and online.

TELUS has broken down some popular people styles to get them a great gift. See who fits the descriptions below to bring the big smiles this Christmas.

Christmas Gifts From TELUS

Trendy Types

Instax Mini 8

Sharing is one thing, holding an actual photo is a completely different experience. Print your pics, instantly with the Instax Mini 8!

Playful People

TELUS christmas store robots

Enjoy the short amount of time we have before AI and robots take over our lives. BB-8 was sold out everywhere last year, and is still popular this year. WowWee have been making some great robots for more than a decade, and this segway-ish WowWee MiP will always stay upright. Sphero are on the ball too with a fun ball shaped Sprk robot. Don’t worry if you can’t figure out how to operate them, that’s why you have kids (see video at top).

Aspiring Athlete


Even if it’s cold and snowy outside, you can still get off the couch and get active. A simple walk will do and the Fitbit Charge 2 offers the simple nudge you need to get up. Stay hydrated with a very cool Thermos Water Bottle while you’re entertained with wireless earbuds like these Jaybird Headphones. Boom! Fitness achievement unlocked!

Enthusiastic Entertainer


Hosting a pre-holiday party? Get the tunes going wherever the party is with UE Boom 2 and then pour the perfect drinks for your guests with Perfect Drink 2.0. Then, when you clean up the mess, fire up your Sonos Play:1 to get motivation to clean.

This post is sponsored by TELUS.



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